Pool Table Slate Crating

Pool Table Disassembly Only

Don’t risk damaging your pool table, scrapping your cloth or cracking your slate. Dynamic Billiard’s professional pool table installers will take apart your pool table with expertise.

Slate Crating

Pool table slate is brittle and can crack or chip if it is not properly crated for shipping. Dynamic Billiard’s professional pool table movers can prepare your slate for shipping by packing it securely in a slate crate.

Multiple Slate Crates

Each piece of pool table slate is crated separately. These crates are lighter and easier to move without machinery. Moving companies usually prefer this method of crating.

Single Slate Crate

All three pieces of slate are placed in one crate. A single crate can be used when machinery is present to lift the crate containing the slate.

To give an accurate installation quote, we will need to know the make and size of the pool table or snooker table.

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