New Pool Table Buyer’s Guide

At Dynamic Billiard we have been selling and servicing all makes of billiard, snooker and pool tables for over 20 years. This has given us first-hand knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the different construction features used in the many different brands of pool tables available. We have put this knowledge to use in selecting which brands of new pool tables to sell to our customers. At Dynamic Billiard Ltd., you are purchasing a quality new pool table from pool table experts.

1. Shop for Value:

A higher price tag does not necessarily mean that the product you are buying is superior. Manufacturers may use name branding to inflate prices. At Dynamic Billiard Ltd., we order our pool tables directly from the manufacturer effectively cutting out the middle man. We also focus on ordering only a few of the most popular types of pool tables in very large quantities allowing us to negotiate heavily discounted pricing. As we sell directly from our web site we are able to run a streamlined operation with much lower overhead than a traditional billiard business. It is our mandate not to trade off quality of materials or workmanship to reduce the price. We are proud of the products that we have selected to sell to our customers. Save money by purchasing your pool table at our discounted wholesale price instead of paying full retail price.

2. Buy a Slate Pool Table:

Slate pool tables stay level. Pool table slate is a heavy stone that has been diamond honed and precision leveled to 1/1000″ for a truly level playing surface. The weight of the slate helps to prevent any shifting or movement to the pool table which could result in the pool table becoming unlevel. Slate for residential pool tables usually comes apart into 3 pieces which allows the pool table slate sections to be carried into rooms with tight entrances such as basements. Professional pool table installers know how to install a 3 piece slate pool table so that it will be as flat and level as a 1 piece slate pool table.

3. Buy a Durable Pool Table:

Our pool tables are built to play true and look great for years to come. Our pool tables are assembled utilizing a superior nut and bolt construction method for durability and to ensure that the construction is not compromised when the table is dismantled, moved & reinstalled. Our pool table pockets are genuine leather shielded pockets that contain die cast irons to ensure longevity.

4. Get a Pool Table that Plays True:

Our tables have optimal rail bounce with Billiard Congress of America (BCA) tournament-approved 100% natural gum rubber cushions molded to a K-66 profile with canvas backing. This backing ensures that the rubber permanently adheres to the wood. For a truly level playing surface we use a matched 3 piece set of 1″ thick grade-A slate. This slate is diamond honed and precision leveled to 1/1000″ for a truly level playing surface. Wood framing is adhered to the underside of slate for added strength, tighter cloth installation and a quieter game.

5. Insist on Quality Pool Table Cloth:

Our pool tables include Championship Invitational Teflon stain resistant brand name cloth in your choice of cloth colour. Quality 21oz cloth made with 75% wool / 25% nylon blend for excellent playability and durability.