Pool Table Moving Service

Never lift a pool table by the rails or pockets! Damage to the slate or pool table can occur. Trust Dynamic Billiard’s trained pool table movers to take care of relocating your pool table! We have professional on staff pool table movers. Our pool table technicians are fully trained and insured.

1. Move Pool Table on Wheelers

Pool table wheelers (dollies) can be used to move a pool table from one location to another within a room. Dynamic Billiard’s pool table movers will lift the pool table from underneath the frame and position pool table wheelers underneath four pool table legs. These pool table dollies are clamped into position underneath the pool table legs. Once the dollies are in place the pool table can be pushed into different positions around the room.

The pool table cannot be pushed through doorways that are narrower than the outside width of the pool table. The pool table cannot be pushed up or down stairs.

The pool table can be pushed onto carpet, laminate or hard wood flooring. This is a popular option for our customers that are having the flooring replaced underneath the pool table. When the flooring is being replaced, our pool table movers can put the pool table on wheelers ahead of changing the flooring and then return to remove the wheelers and level the pool table after the flooring is replaced. When carpet is being laid, it is necessary to have a large enough room that the pool table can be moved out of the way for a section of carpet to be installed. The pool table can then be moved onto the installed section of carpet while other sections of carpet are installed.

2. Dismantle, Move & Install Pool Table

Dynamic Billiard’s pool table movers can relocate your pool table to another room or building. Our pool table movers will dismantle, move & install / assemble 3-piece slate pool tables. (Note: 12’ snooker tables have a 5-piece slate) Please provide us with the outside dimensions and brand name of your pool table or snooker table so that we can provide an accurate quote. Our experienced, professional pool table movers will ensure that your billiard table is correctly assembled and precision leveled for optimal play.

We can reuse the existing pool table felt cloth if it is in good condition and was properly installed previously. Save money by replacing your pool table felt cloth during the pool table installation process. You will save 100% of the labour fee associated with changing the felt cloth on the pool table bed. You will be billed only for the cost of the pool table fabric plus the labour fee for our pool table installers to strip and replace the cloth on the pool table rails.

Dynamic Billiard Ltd. has full liability insurance & WSIB.