Replace Rail Rubber Cushions

If the bounce off your pool table rails is less than lively, it is possible that the cushion rubber on the rails has dried out or decomposed and needs to be replaced. The rail cushion rubber can be tested on an assembled 8’ or 9’ pool table by shooting a ball across the length and width of the pool table. Place the cue ball on the head spot and shoot through the foot spot using center ball English, a level cue and firm stroke. The ball should travel a minimum of 4 lengths of the billiard table without jumping. When shooting across the width of the pool table, the ball should travel a minimum of 5 widths of the table without jumping. The rail rubber can also be inspected for decomposition by feeling the cushion rubber. Push your thumb into the rubber cushion and feel if the rubber cushion is hard enough to resist decompression or if the rubber is slow to re-expand after compression. The same technique can be applied to determine if regulation snooker table cushion rubber needs to be replaced.

If the rubber has detached from the rails, it can be re-adhered to the rails. Inspect for this by looking and feeling along the top of the pool table rail where the rubber cushion attaches to the wood of the rail. If the rubber is below the wood of the rail, the rubber has either detached from the wood rail or has been installed incorrectly.

Dynamic Billiard’s skilled pool table installers can install new rubber onto the rails. The cloth on the billiard table rails will need to be replaced also if the rail cushion rubbers are being replaced. We offer service to change the rail cushion rubber and replace the felt cloth on a standard pool table with K-66 profile cushion rubber on site in the customer’s home. Regulation snooker rails are brought back to our workshop to install new rail cushion rubber. This allows our mechanics to shape and sand down the snooker cushion rubber at the pocket opening into the correct circular profile associated with a BCA (Billiard Congress of America) regulation snooker table.

Please provide us with the outside dimensions of your pool table or snooker table so that we may confirm the size of materials required for your billiard table.